3 Nokia Classic Series Increasingly Attractive

Nowadays, Nokia has announced 3 new cell phones in the ‘classic’ series. There are Nokia 6700 classic, Nokia 6303 classic and Nokia 2700 classic, three devices that build on the formula that made Nokia the world leader in the cell phones manufacture. The new cell phones combines the functionality and user experience maximality, with premium designs and materials that make them the most beautiful, well built and competitively priced offerings available.

Nokia 6700 Classic

Nokia 6700 classic continues the most successful products before, the Nokia 6300. "The Nokia 6300 raised the bar in terms of design and premium materials when it arrived in 2006 and topped all sales records for a mid-range mobile phone. The Nokia 6700 moves that bar even higher with a beautiful, slim design and perfectly balanced practicality.

The 5 megapixel camera with autofokus and flash comes to life on the large 2.2 inch screen. Beside that, this HSDPA phone well to do Navigator, with pre-loaded Nokia Maps and GPS/A-GPS receiver included. For connection, this phone rely on Bluetoth v2.1 and micro USB data cable. While, the phone also has an integrated digital music player and FM radio. For prediction, this cell phone will released with price of EUR 235, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 6303 Classic

At the middle class, Nokia present 6303 classic. This cellphone for people that see the current value proposition of the Nokia 6300. Offering the 3.2 megapixel camera comes to life on the large 2.2 inch screen, long life battery performance, the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and have a fully fledged mobile music player, making it equally competent for imaging and music.

Although without internal GPS receiver, this phone powerful enough to navigate with pre-loaded Nokia Maps. For prediction, this cell phone will released with price of EUR 135, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 2700 Classic

Nokia 2700 classic come into low end class, at and estimated price of EUR 65, before taxes and subsidies. This cell phone is one of Nokia's most affordable, full featured handsets. Offering up to 2GB of storage via the memory card slot, the phone also has 2.0 megapixel camera and fully mobile music player able to carry thousands of their favorite tracks.

"These features mean people can save, access and share files in hundreds of formats via Nokia's online service, Share on Ovi, or a number of other websites. The rich features and simple interface mean that in many cases, the Nokia 2700 classic will provide its owner's first Internet experience," concluded Petersen. All three cell phones are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2009.